sparqlify-platform (Deprecated; about to be superseded by sparqlify-web-admin)

The Sparqlify Platform (under /sparqlify-platform) bundles Sparqlify with the Linked Data wrapper Pubby and the SPARQL Web interface Snorql.

Usage: sparqlify-platform config-dir [port]

For building, at the root of the project (outside of the sparqlify-* directories), run mvn compile to build all modules. Afterwards, lauch the platform using:

cd sparqlify-platform/bin
./sparqlify-platform <path-to-config> <port>

Assuming the platform runs under http://localhost:7531, you can access the following services relative to this base url:


The configDirectory argument is mandatory and must contain a sub-directory for the context-path (i.e. sparqlify-platform) in turn contains the files:

I recommend to first create a copy of the files in /sparqlify-platform/config/example under a different location, then adjust the parameters and finally launch the platform with -DconfigDirectory=... set appropriately.

The platform applies autoconfiguration to Pubby and Snorql:

Additionally you probably want to make the URIs nice by e.g. configuring an apache reverse proxy:

Enable the apache proxy_http module:

sudo a2enmod proxy_http

Then in your /etc/apache2/sites-available/default add lines such as

ProxyRequest Off
ProxyPass /resource http://localhost:7531/pubby/bizer/bsbm/v01/ retry=1
ProxyPassReverse /resource http://localhost:7531/pubby/bizer/bsbm/v01/

These entries will enable requests to http://localhost/resource/... rather than http//localhost:7531/pubby/bizer/bsbm/v01/.

The retry=1 means, that apache only waits 1 seconds before retrying again when it encounters an error (e.g. HTTP code 500) from the proxied resource.

IMPORTANT: ProxyRequests are off by default; DO NOT ENABLE THEM UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Simply enabling them potentially allows anyone to use your computer as a proxy.

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