Debian packages

Sparqlify Debian packages can be obtained by following means:

Public repositories

After setting up any of the repositories below, you can install sparqlify with apt using

Linked Data Stack (this is what you want)

Sparqlify is distributed at the Linked Data Stack, which offers many great tools done by various contributors of the Semantic Web community.

# !!! Replace stable with nightly or testing as needed !!!

# Download the repository package

# Install the repository package
sudo dpkg -i ldstable-repository.deb

# Update the repository database
sudo apt-get update

Bleeding Edge (WARNING: Do not use this for production!!!)

For the latest development version (built on every commit) perform the following steps

Create the file


and add the content

deb precise main contrib non-free

Import the public key with

wget -O - | apt-key add -

Note that this also works with distros other than "precise" (ubuntu 12.04) such as ubuntu 14.04.

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