Building the repository creates the JAR files providing the sparqlify-* tool suite.

Debian package

Building debian packages from this repo relies on the Debian Maven Plugin plugin, which requires a debian-compatible environment. If such an environment is present, the rest is simple:

# Install all shell scripts necessary for creating deb packages
sudo apt-get install devscripts

# Execute the follwing from the `<repository-root>/sparqlify-core` folder:
mvn clean install deb:package

# Upon sucessful completion, the debian package is located under `<repository-root>/sparqlify-core/target`
# Install using `dpkg`
sudo dpkg -i sparqlify_<version>.deb

# Uninstall using dpkg or apt:
sudo dpkg -r sparqlify
sudo apt-get remove sparqlify

Assembly based

Another way to build the project is run the following commands at <repository-root>

mvn clean install

cd sparqlify-core
mvn assembly:assembly

This will generate a single stand-alone jar containing all necessary dependencies. Afterwards, the shell scripts under sparqlify-core/bin should work.

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